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JMD IMPACT GROUP started marketing in 1989 and was registered in 2009.It manufactures different articles ranging from electronic products to fashion articles.Manufacturing is done in 3 divisions-Electronic product,Book division and Fasion division. It has 29 branches all over West Bengal which market the manufactured products. Our target is to have 500 branches throughout India till 2015.

Our Branches



The main branch of JMD IMPACT GROUP located at 623/1/B D.H. Road Kolkata-34 has 1 training section and 1 office section.In the trainining section for the 1st 6 months a suitable candidate is offered training. After successful training , oppertunity as a branch manager in a new branch is given to him.All manufactured products ranging from various electronic products to fashion articles are marketed through these company branches located at 29 places all over West Bengal. Currently 250-300 trainees and 28-33 managers. An annual conference is held every year in the month of February . A Managers' meeting is held six times a year as well as a trainees' meeting is held four times a year.We conduct three short tours every year.

What makes us special

  • 1. Handsome salary amount of Rs.20000+ for managers.
  • 2. Employes serving for JMD IMPACT GROUP are guaranted to be in the job upto 60 years of age.
  • 3. Handsome amount of gratuity and pension benifits for employes.
  • 4. 4 yearly tours are conducted every year.

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